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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no stupid questions when you’re concerned about scrapping your car. Here’s just a few of the frequently asked questions.

If you cant find the answer then call us or contact us via email.

Do I need a log book?

Although it makes life easier if you have a log book, it isn’t a legal requirement. Providing you have Photo ID, Scrap Car Goole can remove your car with FREE Collection. You will have to notify the DVLA you have scrapped the car directly to save any unnecessary fines. 

How much will I get for my scrap car?

The price can vary per make and model of vehicle – but we can give you a quote instantly if you contact us on 01405 808 226 or fill in our enquiry form..

How much do you charge for collection?

Local collection is free. We will only charge or make a deduction for a collection if we have tried to collect more than once and you fail to show.

I have a private registration what do i do?

If you have a private reg plate on your car and you wish to transfer this to a new vehicle, then we advise you to do this before scrapping your vehicle. If you need to scrap the vehicle before you take the plates off, let us know – so we don’t issue a certificate of destruction on the car.

We don’t mind buying the vehicle from you and waiting a week or so until you have put the plates on another vehicle or on retention. Putting plates on your new car is the cheapest option.

Please ensure you let us know about private plates before scrapping a vehicle because it can cause a real headache for you if a CoD is issued on . the vehicle.

Will I receive a receipt for my scrap car?

You will be sent your receipt confirmation text and you’ll be able to log on to your portal anytime to view and download your receipt(s).

Will i Get a Certificate of Destruction?

Certificates of Destruction’s are stored at our local ATF & copies are available upon request. We notify the DVLA of your scrap car so you don’t have to – but as a precaution, we always fill out section 9 of the log book so you can send this off.

If you would like to pre-fill this in before collection, our details are as follows:

Scrap Car Goole55 Heck & Pollington Lane, Pollington, Goole DN140BA

Will i get my Road Tax back?

When a Certificate of Destruction is issued, your tax will automatically be cancelled and any COMPLETE months will be reimbursed to you by the DVLA, If you pay monthly, your DD will be cancelled but as a precaution, we advise to cancel any Direct Debits from your bank.


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